We look at each other

And look away

And feel nothing

Nothing at all

Silence reigns

Desolation all around

The eyes are vacant

The hearts torn asunder

The love, the laughter, the lust
All gone.

After our loss we clung to each other

For succour

For support

Then gradually

we drifted apart

Infinitesimal changes

In the beginning

Then a widening rift

Withdrawing into a shell

Cocooned in sorrow

His heart a fortress now

My silent cries can’t scale the walls

I am left with only emptiness

My womb feels the loss of my child

Contracting and pushing
In remembrance

Experiencing birth pangs

And my body feels the pain of indifference

Of my beloved

Who is there,

but not there at all.

He is immersed in his pain

Unable to see and feel mine

I reach out but

The chasm is so deep

My feeble heart can’t surmount

So I sit listlessly

Watching my life slowly disintegrating

Too weary to make a start

Waiting helplessly for a miracle.

For a dear friend, on her loss.


16 thoughts on “Chasm

  1. There are few things that make you numb ….this pain is one of them ….my heart goes out to the ones who had to go through this nightmare. You have expressed it beautiful

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  2. I cannot fathom the depth of emotions wrapped around this kind of loss. However, I have seen what it does, mentally and physically between two in love. You’ve certainly captured the turmoil and weariness through your words. Blessings and hugs to your friend.

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      1. we never get back all the pieces, takes someone really kind and caring to help us through it, someone who still wants to to be with us with all the sadness we can never shake off. I hope your friend finds here safe place to collapse when she needs to and then build it all up again

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      2. You are so right…some pieces are gone forever. Yes, we all need those safe havens to lick our wounds privately and stand up again. Thank you so much Gina for your kind and insightful words. They will certainly give her strength.

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