Received your letter today

As the paper rustled between my fingers

I shivered at your touch.

Your writing winked at me

Making my heart go aflutter

And your words,

Oh your words!

They caressed me

and teased me

and nuzzled me,

Coaxing a smile from me

My tears are rainbow hued

Your words have painted them.

38 thoughts on “Letter

  1. Oh what a beautiful letter that must have been, your imagery of the words received are superb, and I can’t help myself Punam, Leonard Cohen’s song Letters is a fav’ of mine, his lyrics are exquisite

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  2. love this! Punam, really loved your expression of joy at receiving words, the rainbow hue of tears, they are more precious than any gold or trinket, words we treasure, well I do and his words especially, the only ones that will make my heart leap with joy.

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  3. Love everything about this from the simplicity of the title to the profound movement of emotions in the content. When all we can share are words, they mean the world. Beautifully captured, my friend.

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