32 thoughts on “Unnamed

      1. i used to do a lot of prompts logging, when I first started blogging, they are extremely helpful to develop our writing about almost anything! well done Punam, that you challenge yourself!!

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      2. I do write without prompts too, whatever comes to my mind. But writing in response to prompts and that too multiple prompts is fun. As one of my friends puts it…I get to exercise my poetic muscle and that too straitjacketed! ☺️
        Thank you so much Gina.

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      3. i don’t think it is necessarily straightjacketed, just that we all have our own style, but sometimes we can be more creative, unless I specifically say its about me all my writing is fiction and exercising that muscle as you call it. I also have a very vivid imagination!! LOL!!!

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      4. Vivid imagination always helps! The problem with poetry is, even when it is fictional, one’s point of view finds a way in it!
        More so if one writes in first person like I do. Then I have the unenvious task of explaining it is not about me! Lol

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      5. i agree with point of view, but it is not necessarily autobiographical to be good fiction.

        yes I have problems when readers cannot distinguish that it is just writing and not me!

        Punam, lets’s put it this way, we might just be good writers to affect people, that is what i’d like to think anyway. a little boastful but why not!

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  1. Love this, so much. Clever you to leave us hanging. By the way, where’s the disclaimer for the prompts? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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  2. Much like every relationship in life we enter unsure of how it may work out, some more promising than others. This one sounds like there’s that element of forbidden unbridled passion that is doomed to be short-lived, much like Remo and Juliet.

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