Musty Thoughts

Some thoughts needed airing
I put them out to dry
But the malodourous regret
Making them dank
Put you off
So I stowed them back
Into the deep crevice
From whence they had emerged.

18 thoughts on “Musty Thoughts

  1. Those challenging thoughts that dampen our souls are the worst. They are definitely the ones that get tucked away into the crevices as they are generally too painful to want to deal with. Though, they are the ones that we generally need to come back through and slowly work through. Wonderful description of those dank and frustrating thoughts that linger in the shadows of our mind. πŸ™‚

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  2. I may interpret it wrong, but we push back the thoughts we want to convey for fear of hurting others, and in the end it becomes that important thing that is unsaid forever, and even we forget.

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  3. Some people can’t handle the thoughts we share so we tuck them away (out of regret for sharing them) in that place they’ve been lingering. I love the words musty, malodorous and dank as they aptly describe where I’ve been working these past few days. An excellent piece, my friend.

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