Of Late

The angry welt across my cheek

Is turning purple from pink

He didn’t mean to hurt me

He loves me:

My subservient self.

The beast in him was unleashed

When I forgot myself and said ‘no’

“No” is not what he likes to hear.

He will in a while apply

Salve on my bruise

Shed copious tears

Bury his head in my lap

And beg forgiveness.

I will forgive like I always do

He is very fragile you see

I am his saviour

His beacon

Can’t let him dwell in darkness

So I forget his transgresses

And gloss over his violent streak

But of late my body has been

Turning purple too often.

35 thoughts on “Of Late

  1. Punam, I’ve had friends and family members that I love and care for in this terrifying scenario. This is a very important topic that so many people can’t understand why the victim stays. It’s complicated, they internalize it blaming themselves for what’s happening, or they stay to protect their children. But most of all they know when it’s the safest to get out. Thank you again for sharing it from the victim’s perspective. ❤️

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  2. A sad reality for many in this world. Was having a discussion about this very topic with colleagues a few days ago. Well-penned!!

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      1. My heart breaks with each story of abuse I read or hear about. Two of my colleagues were once in such relationships, though, thankfully, they are no longer in them. You are welcome.

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      2. Some places are still very backward when it comes to abuse of any kind. I hope it changes soon and that more people are able to walk away from those abusive relationships.

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  3. I don’t know if I should feel empathy towards the person in the poem, or should applaud the courage of the same, or just read the beautiful lines all over again and again. So many different emotions aroused in the same poem, I actually got confused of my emotions…such beautiful art of writing you have!! Hats off… Have an amazing day!!

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