Candidly Yours (revisited)

Every time I write a poem

I let you in.

In to my thoughts

my memories

my opinions

and my beliefs

As well as my heart.

It is a candid revelation.

You can interpret it

in any which way

But you cannot judge me

by the written word

for though integral

they are

just a part of me

not the whole of me.

There are many thoughts

some memories

some bonds

too sacred

too private

maybe painful

definitely me

to be put to public scrutiny.

So let them be.

18 thoughts on “Candidly Yours (revisited)

  1. True. Some of us only reveal bits and parts of who we are but hold on to those thoughts that are sacred and private. Well-said!

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  2. Awww Punam, thank you for your raw emotion and being vulnerable! You’re so right, by sharing our poetry we are opening our souls and heart to the world. I feel the same way even with putting my art out there.πŸ’• πŸ™‚

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