Spring Cleaning in Autumn

With a broom and a dust pan in hand

I am going from room to room

To clean up the mess of yesterday’s night

But find a lot more than meets the eye.

Behind the door I find a spider web

Entangled in it, an old dead romance

Under the bed amidst the dust motes

Are many old and new regrets

Shuffling from one corner to the other.

Hidden behind some old clothes in the closet

Are a mound of expectations,

They still look at me with accusing eyes.

My complexes sit under the table

Daring me to acknowledge them.

There is box in the loft , filled with stench

I open it, to be shrouded in a miasma of anger.

On the coffee table is a tea cup

With the dregs of grudge still in it.

When I vacuum the carpet

The dust bag is filled with hidden pain

And out tumble a pile of vile secrets

When I pick an old shoe box.

Some stale anxieties were lying in the fridge

Along with some frozen revenge.

The colony of complains ran helter skelter

Caught unawares by my determined broom

Cussed stubbornness was hiding in a drawer

Refusing to budge even an inch

Comparisons lay under the quilt

And depression was lurking in the shadows.

Judgement sat on my favourite chair

Giving me baleful looks

Thank god bigotry lay wilted

For I am forgetful about watering plants.

I picked each up and shoved them

Into a biodegradable bag

I could have just thrown it in the trash can

But these slimy things would have slithered back.

So I made a bonfire of them all

And stood guard, till each burnt down to cinders

Then I immersed the ashes in the fast flowing stream of life

To take them as far away from me as possible.

A great burden has been lifted from my heart

A niggle of emptiness remains

Now my home is sparkling clean

I do hope joy and contentment can reign supreme.

19 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning in Autumn

  1. Punam, what a remarkable poem of looking at what lies beyond the surface waiting to try to weight us down. It’s amazing the relief we feel when we cleanse away those pesky things such as stubbornness, anger, revenge, comparing ourselves to others, judgment, complaining, anxiety, depression, etc…And we fill those voids with love, hope, inspiration, kindness, compassion, joy, and doing the things that light us up and make us feel whole without the torment and anguish that the other things tend to fill us with. 🌹:)

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