“When are you getting married?”

A question barked at her with regularity

Insidiously questioning her sexual proclivity

Finally the torment ends

Law steps in to remove stigma and provide sanctity.

Today is a historic day for India. The highest court decriminalises homosexuality.

26 thoughts on “Normal

  1. Tribal sexual taboos are all
    to do with the reproductive
    continuity of the ‘herd’.
    I sure true freedom is a
    social evolutionary thing,
    putting an end to compulsory
    State Religion. Here’s hoping.
    “Good God Almighty,free at last!”

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  2. What wonderful news, indeed, and how beautifully you’ve celebrated it in word. Such a sad state when the state determines (or tries to) who we can legally love.

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      1. You are kindly welcome. Yes, finally. The world needs to right all the wrongs committed in the name of religion.

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