My Gift for You

In response to Singledust’s Spread the Joy Week: Go Dog Go Cafe :

I am rummaging through my box of gifts

Looking for that perfect one

One that will please one and all

One that they will truly cherish

Alas! I find not a single one

That can truly fit the bill

Having exhausted all the options

I sit here with my words as gifts

They are the only thing I can freely give

They come from a very special place

That thing that is called heart

It may be as small as a closed fist

But when open, can encompass all.

I offer my words to make you smile

To forget your worries awhile

They are there to lean on

As well as to hold your hand

To wipe away a threatening tear

Or to help you cry your heart out

Sometimes as sweet as a cake

Sometimes the welcoming bitterness of coffee

Mostly sunny and vibrant

Oft touched by moon’s soft glow

Lush in the monsoon rain that falls

But sometimes reflecting the darkened skies

They make you guffaw aloud

When they make my foot neatly land in my mouth

And also wince at my stupidity

When I am careless with them

They can be as soothing as music

As warm as a down quilt

As breezy as the light zephyr

And at times like the jacket you so love.

I do take time to carefully choose them

But I also falter at times

They can come so spontaneously

They can be well thought out

My dear friends, my words I offer humbly

To embrace you, energise you and touch you

For words are all I have.

26 thoughts on “My Gift for You

  1. …and how lucky we are to have such a gift waiting for us daily. Truly, a beautiful response to the challenge, my friend.

    Liked by 1 person

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