31 thoughts on “Retire

    1. Aww! I don’t easily get offended.
      But are you sure you didn’t do something you shouldn’t have?
      My memory does, you know, at times play tricks. Mind you I am not as old as you think I am! 😂😂
      That was so sweet of you dear.

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      1. Please understand my post was not in response to what you had posted. I wanted to use all the prompts but couldn’t think of anything better to write, thus ended up writing what I wrote.
        In my earlier response, I was just jesting and I am sorry if I caused you any consternation.
        I know things are crazy in Australia now and you are dismayed at how things are panning out. But things are bad all over the world right now.
        Take care.

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      1. hahaha, it’s cultural. 🙂 Though identity is said to be fluid, there are things that we cannot change. Also, there are things that we cannot deliberately internalize. 🙂

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