Toxic Love

I am adrift rudderless

In the toxic ocean of your love

Try as much, I can’t swim away

But staying afloat debilitates me

The salinity of your attention

Is eroding away my self

I sold my soul to the devil

To be with you

But your heart is like an atoll

I am unable reach the lagoon

I cannot blame anyone for the commotion in my life

You are my destructive compulsion

I cling to you like a limpet

I live for you, I die with you.


21 thoughts on “Toxic Love

      1. You’re welcome. I once heard a psychologist say that anger is a secondary emotion, and that you have to experience pain, threat, or fear first. I have a feeling a lot of the anger we see in the world today is fueled by terrified human beings.

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  1. Great use of figurative language and the sentiment hits home. Many of us are unable to steer our way out of a toxic relationship. Eventually we either dilute and conquer the toxins or we are consumed by them. usually, it’s the latter. Great writing!

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