The Beginning 


It starts with a word or a phrase,

That seems to have a life of its own,

Which just refuses to be pushed away

To some recess of my brain.

As I go about doing daily chores,

It creates a buzz inside me

That just refuses to calm down.

I ignore it as much as I can

Focusing on more pressing jobs.

But associated words keep vying for my attention,

Sentences pop up in totality,

Of their own volition

Badgering to pour out.

Afraid of losing the thread

I put everything else on hold.

As I pick up my phone,

The rest of the world is forgotten.

Words and ideas gush forth in a cascade

Jostling with each other to be immortalized.

My frenzied fingers feverishly try to keep pace

And the jumbled mass starts taking a cohesive shape.

Once done, I focus only on correction,

Too involved to view…

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