Not Easy

It usually doesn’t take much for mirth to turn into melancholy

A careless word, a suspected slight, pointed sarcasm

Or just nothing,

Anything can cause the rapid descent.

It is the turn around from melancholy to mirth which is not easy

Standing at the edge of abyss

Engulfed by waves of desolation

Teetering unsteadily

Trying to find a way out of the miasmic tenebrosity

That shatters the shroud of despair

And marks the return from the brink of oblivion

Is a Herculean effort.

12 thoughts on “Not Easy

  1. *Snap, snap snap* I love the way you write and the fact that you use words that cause the mind to think then research and apply the definition to the writings…….wow!!! Powerful word usage here. Truly paints a picture

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