Many of you may find it quaint, in several parts of India (to this date), the bride and the groom are selected by the parents. This is changing now.

This post is in response to the daily word prompt independence.

Those stolen glances

The racing heartbeat

The accidental brushing against each other

Electrifying the being.

The trepidation of stepping into the unknown

The tight knot in the stomach

At the momentous step.

The coy bride and the dashing bridegroom

Selected carefully by the parents

And betrothed in a traditional solemn ceremony

Are now all a thing of the past.

These days with the liberty to choose own partner

Young men and women

Are experiencing independence like never before.

Weddings are becoming more fun

With the bride and the groom

Leading from front in the revelry.

But in a bid to have click-worthy, bollywood type wedding tamasha*

The wedding vows are treated with frivolity.

Perhaps there is a need to strike a balance

And marry the modern with the traditional.

*tamasha – spectacle

26 thoughts on “Wedding

  1. This is so good, and so informative Punam. I had been wondering if arranged marriages were still the norm. Here in England it is still often enforced by Indian parents. It often turns out very sadly. I wondered what it is like in India now. Thankyou for this lovely post.

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      1. I know, Punam. I have heard that often it works out really well, but there are the mych sadder cases wher girls who are really still children are forced to marry and it all goes wrong. Nthankyou so much for talking about this. I really did want to know firsthand from someone in India. Do couples ever just live together without marrying, as is almost the norm here in England amongst the you ger generation?

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      2. Well, these days some couples are doing it. Mostly celebrities get away with it. But for ordinary middle-class class people, it is still not the done thing.
        But as I said things are changing.

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      3. Thankyou Punsm. You are helping me a lot to understand things. I think we are all living in hard times at the moment fir different reasons. Thankyou so much fir engaging in conversation with me. It us much appreciated. Much love to you

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      4. Oh bless you Punam. Thankyou so much. I want so much to know all about India. I would love to visit I dia, but never would be able to now, cwe have many Indian doctors in our hospitals. They are all so good xo

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      5. So what if you can’t come. There are so many of us from India on wordpress. We will showcase India to you through our jaundiced eyes. Lol.
        You are right about good doctors. They all make a beeline for the foreign shores.

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      6. Yes about the doctors. I was actually thinking that myself. That you lose them and that is not fair. Jaundiced eyes lol. Well yes I have seen some of that lol. I feel a bit jaundiced about our country at the moment lol. But we are what we are and who we are, for better or wiser lol. As long as we offer the hand of friendship to all, that us my motto and belief xo

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  2. Very wise advice. Independence is a blessing but there are some high prices to pay for it sometimes too. A vow that does not seem so solemn also seems easier to break. Great post!
    Just me feedback, might you think about putting explanations at the ending instead of the beginning?

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