Suddenly I don’t feel whole anymore

A part of me left with you when you left.

I am trying to fathom

What part am I missing.

Is it my hands

Which on their own volition seek you

Remembering your contours?

Or my skin that yearns for your touch

Now parched and dry?

My eyes maybe,

For they see unseeingly,

Forever wanting to drink your sight.

My ears too seem to be straining

To hear your voice

And its cadence.

Perhaps it is my heart

Which though still with me,

Beats as if against its will

Torn in two

It bleeds silent tears.

And I roam around the home

Touching things, drinking them up with my eyes

Listening to the silence

And tell my heart to beat again.

Trying hard to be whole again

In your absence.

13 thoughts on “Absence

  1. I loved the way you expressed the loss of a person and related the pain with our soul. The parched skin, the unseeing eyes, the broken heart trying to beat again ❤️
    Haven’t read a poem that expressed it more beautifully!

    Liked by 1 person

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