Broken heart

This post is in response to the daily word prompt dalliance.

(Couldn’t resist another one)

Heartbroke and pensive she sat alone
Gathering pieces of her broken heart,
Bloody and shrivelled, scattered everywhere,
She knew not how to put them back.
Wary of love
She had shied away at first
Rebuffed his advances
Wrapped her heart tightly.
But he had been persistent
Wooing her with flowers, verses
And the gaze filled with longing.
His eyes were her ultimate undoing
Floored by his verses and his hypnotic eyes
She melted bit by bit
Surrendering her heart and her body
Loving him with abandon.
Once she was his,
He lost interest gradually
For him the thrill was in the chase
It was just a dalliance,
A massage for his ego.
With the conquest under his belt
He moved on.
And she sat there gathering the pieces
Which she will never be able to put back.

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