Yesterday and Tomorrow- Day 25 of 26W26D

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Word for Day 5: Yesterday

Word Theme: Tomorrow


This is a 26 day challenge by

Tokens of Expression and The Cliche Diaries . You can visit their blogs to check the


Yesterday is gone

Never to come back again

Call it as much as you want

It won’t come again.

You can remain steeped in nostalgia

Reminiscing about days of yore

You are not enjoying today

Nor trying to look forward.

Never doubt tomorrow

For tomorrow will surely come

And when it comes, it will bring

Moments that will brighten your days.

The tomorrow that you look forward to

Will become a new day yesterday

The troubles that seemed far away yesterday

Will no longer be there tomorrow.

You will be like yesterday’s wine

Aging for tomorrow

So fret not if yesterday’s gone

There will always be a tomorrow.

A nod to a lot many yesteryears songs alluding to yesterday and tomorrow.

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