Food and Greed- Day 6 of 26W26D

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Word for Day 6: Food

Word Theme: Greed


This is a 26 day challenge byTokens of Expression and The Cliche Diaries . You can visit their blogs to check the rules.

These days people are greedy for power, fame and money

Greed is usually a lesser cause of gluttony.

More often than not,

In the absence of a caring heart,

We turn more and more to food for comfort that is phoney.

Escape and Destiny- Day 5 

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Word for Day 5: Escape

Word Theme: Destiny


This is a 26 day challenge by

Tokens of Expression and The Cliche Diaries . You can visit their blogs to check the rules.

Run as fast as you can

Hide yourself

Take a different path

Do whatever you can

You cannot escape destiny

Try as hard as you can.

Every single act of yours

By commission or omission

Connects you to your destiny.

So instead of trying to escape

Make it your best friend

And know that every step you take

Takes you closer to it.

Your every act

Whether big or small

Will tie you to your destiny

And you alone are responsible

For what you eventually become.

No Word Prompt

A vacuum

A sense of anxiety


And then panic

Gradually the anger begins to mount

You wonder how can they do this

How can anyone do it

It is not done

One is not supposed to miss a deadline

And all that anger and anxiety pour out

In words you can scarce recognise

You begin to wonder

How can your creativity

Be dependent on one word.

So henceforth

I will write daily

Not based on a word from someone

But on something

That I want to say.

Weaning myself will be difficult

But who said life is easy, anyway!

Different and Acceptance- Day 4 of 26W26D

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Word for Day 4: Different

Word Theme: Acceptance


This is a 26 day challenge by

Tokens of Expression and The Cliche Diaries . You can visit their blogs to check the rules.

I am the cooling shower

To your raging fire

The calm sea

To your turbulent tsunami

The soothing, lilting lullaby

To your ear shattering rock music

The voice of rational reason

To your explosive emotions

The all embracing love

To your tumultuous passion

The quiet aftermath

To your tempestuous storm.

Know this

We may be different

But our acceptance and celebration

Of theses differences

Make us unique.

Children these days (revisited)

Our parents were lucky, I for sure can say,

They didn’t have to deal with the kids of today.

We were obedient, respectful and rebels with many a cause,

Our kids are impudent, cheeky and rebel without a cause!

We never dared to question our parents’ authority,

However much we may have chafed at their superiority.

But kids these days, if I may so say!

Try our patience any which way.

For everything they have to say, “why oh why!”

For them its only and only I, me and my!

They think we belong to the Jurassic age

Our ideas are archaic they always rage

When you tell them to study hard to get good grades

They immediately question if you secured good grades!

You tell them to shun junk and eat healthy food,

They remind you your food habits have done you no good!

You tell them to be patient and stick to one job

They point out to you why your career didn’t take off!

You tell them its time to settle down and get married

They turn around and tell you that this topic is buried.

When you press further and extol married life,

They smirk and say look at your own life!

They are demanding, spoilt for choices and used to having their way,

I tell my parents they were lucky to have me, whatever they may say

And they turn around and tell me its all my fault,

Children should be brought up without sparing the rod.

Colours and Reality- Day 3 of 26W26D

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Word for Day 3: Colours

Word Theme: Reality


This is a 26 day challenge by

Tokens of Expression and The Cliche Diaries . You can visit their blogs to check the rules.

Perception colours reality

To suit itself

Reality then seems

Like banality

For when the mind perceives truth

Coloured by its beliefs

Reality is sent to gallows

As a person of colour .

Guilty till proven innocent

I admit, I am guilty.

Guilty of keeping quiet

When I should have spoken.

Guilty of raising my voice

When others remained quiet.

Guilty of allowing my feelings

To get the better of me.

Guilty of standing out

When I could have merged.

Guilty of being honest

When honesty was question-marked

Guilty of refusing to walk the beaten path.

Guilty of being an iconoclast.

Guilty I am, your honour,

Of being true to myself.

If that makes me criminal

Then criminal, I am.

I am me and can’t be you

That is the eternal truth

And however much anyone tries

It just refuses to be altered.

Beauty and Anger- Day 2 of 26W26D

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Word for Day 2: Beauty

Word Theme: Anger


This is a 26 day challenge by

Tokens of Expression and The Cliche Diaries . You can visit their blogs to check the rules.



Behold her as she vanquishes the demon

Her eyes ablaze with anger

Her multi arms holding weapons

To banish all the evil forces.

Her anger and ferocity adding to her

Beauteous countenance

Which charms her enraptured devotees.

Anger does not always distort beauty

Rightful anger imparts a luminescence

Which is more appealing than serenity.

Anger, when not misplaced,

Ignites the soul in purity

Engulfing in its flames the wrongs and the wrongdoers

And bestowing on the persona

An allurement that is divine.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

*Durga also known as Shakti, Parvati, Amba and by numerous other names, is a principal and popular form of Hindu goddess. She is the warrior goddess, whose mythology centers around combating evils and demonic forces that threaten peace, prosperity and dharma of the good. She is the fierce form of the protective mother goddess, willing to unleash her anger against wrong, violence for liberation and destruction to empower creation. She killed Mahishasur or the buffalo demon.


Wakefulness at the expense of sleep,
Gastronome pleasure at the expense of health,
The cussed laughter at the expense of someone’s misfortunes,
The much desired promotion at the expense of a deserving colleague,
Increasing bank balance at the expense of family time,
Keeping up with Joneses at the expense of saving for future,
The pursuit of vote bank at the expense of environment,
Megalomanic schemes at the expense of world peace.
Paying a heavy price on the assumption that this is success.
As we set forth to tame and conquer the world
We go on sacrificing what is important
In the mistaken belief that what we hanker for
Will buy us everlasting happiness.
Thus ending up with
An emptiness within, restlessness and bad karma.

Alien and Heartbreak- Day 1 of 26W26D

Word for Day 1: Alien

Word Theme: Heartbreaks.


This is a 26 day challenge by

Tokens of Expression and The Cliche Diaries . You can visit their blogs to check the rules.

Okay Aieshi, I am jumping headlong into it. Here is my poem for today.

He set off for the alien shores jauntily
With stars in his eyes
A small-town intelligent teenager
Off to touch the skies.

His parents bade him tearful farewell
He was the apple of their eyes
But they had to let him go
If they wanted to see him rise.

Nonplussed and wide-eyed in the beginning
His stomach could not get rid of fluttering butterflies.

With the passage of time he settled down
Making friends, some foolish some wise.

Amongst these friends was a girl
Who made his heart capsize.

They fell in love madly with each other

Watching together sunsets and sunrise.

As time came closer for him to return
He wrung his hands and began to agonize
It was a testing time for him
Should he choose his mum or the girl with blue eyes?

He knew if he took her home
His mom would surely chastise
But what could he do if his heart flipped
For an alien girl of its own choice.

Heartbroken and dejected
He went back to filial ties
He went about doing his chores
His heart held in a vice.

Refusing to get married to their chosen girl
He ignored their pleading cries
Heartbreaks ensued everywhere
For he could not forget her blue eyes.