House and Home- Day 8 of 26W26D

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Word for Day 8: House

Word Theme: Home


This is a 26 day challenge byTokens of Expression and The Cliche Diaries . You can visit their blogs to check the rules.

This house was a home once,

Ringing with laughter and voices,

Pattering footsteps, whispered secrets,

Boisterous debates, guttural guffaws,

Serenading songs and comforting silences.

It was the scene of serenity and tranquillity,

Of get togethers and meetings,

Of anniversaries and soirées,

Of hurried breakfasts and languid dinners,

Sunday brunches and sometimes takeaways.

A kids’ haven, a wife’s domain,

A man’s refuge and a place to retire for the old.

Welcoming and peaceful,

A place, where weary heads when laid on the pillow,

Awakened invigorated and rejuvenated.

It was bright and sunny on a cold night

Beckoning invitingly with warmth.

In summers its cool confines provided solace,

Soothing heart and mind.

The smell of baking inveigling the senses,

Smell of freshly laundered clothes, flowers in vases,

Just like it should be

In a home.

And then, everything ended.

It is now a mere shell of itself.

Quiet, desolate and forlorn.

The kids have flown the coop

The elderly passed away.

The middle aged live listlessly

Ageing everyday, day by day.

Life moves on relentlessly

And strangely,

Turns homes into houses

And houses into homes in its wake.

17 thoughts on “House and Home- Day 8 of 26W26D

  1. You’ve really captured the difference between a house and home. A Home is a house but a house doesn’t always become a home. Excellent!

    Liked by 2 people

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