Children these days (revisited)

Our parents were lucky, I for sure can say,

They didn’t have to deal with the kids of today.

We were obedient, respectful and rebels with many a cause,

Our kids are impudent, cheeky and rebel without a cause!

We never dared to question our parents’ authority,

However much we may have chafed at their superiority.

But kids these days, if I may so say!

Try our patience any which way.

For everything they have to say, “why oh why!”

For them its only and only I, me and my!

They think we belong to the Jurassic age

Our ideas are archaic they always rage

When you tell them to study hard to get good grades

They immediately question if you secured good grades!

You tell them to shun junk and eat healthy food,

They remind you your food habits have done you no good!

You tell them to be patient and stick to one job

They point out to you why your career didn’t take off!

You tell them its time to settle down and get married

They turn around and tell you that this topic is buried.

When you press further and extol married life,

They smirk and say look at your own life!

They are demanding, spoilt for choices and used to having their way,

I tell my parents they were lucky to have me, whatever they may say

And they turn around and tell me its all my fault,

Children should be brought up without sparing the rod.

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