Mirror, mirror on the wall (revisited)

She threw the vase at the mirror in anger

It had lied to her again.

This was the fourth one.

They all lied to her.

Tormenting her every day

What they showed was not her

It just could not be her

She was slim and graceful

Not what the mirror showed

It lied to her every day

No matter what diet she followed

No matter how little she ate

However much she purged and threw up

But nothing ever seemed to work.

Sick of the lies

She had shattered the mirror

Yet again.

To release the slim her

Held captive within.

The hundreds of shards scattered all over

Mocked her

Making fun of her obesity

Calling her names

Shaming her

Pushing her to the edge again

She lay crumpled on the floor

Toying with a shard of glass

With a twisted smile

Caressing her wrist with it.

25 thoughts on “Mirror, mirror on the wall (revisited)

  1. Raw and honest, you’ve created a moment that many of us have faced. Dealing with weight issues is tough, it’s even tougher when everywhere we go in public and online we are bombarded with dieting advice, quick fix promises, gawkers and the stress of wanting to fit in. I’d say break every mirror and be who we are inside.

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      1. “No one” may appear to be the majority but some one will love and cherish what is inside. You are welcome!

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  2. Oh my goodness!!!! Hats off to the throwing skillz…lbvvs. I get sick and tired of the status quo and ppl screeaming you need to be a 2 to be sexy, attracted, wanted and appreciated. I have value as a size 18 and I had value at a size 22. So hats off to you!!! Just because you are bigger don’t mean you are disqualified. Smh sick of “trends”

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