Kinship (revisited)


Let me hold your hand today

And take you into my world

I don’t usually like people to visit

But I am making an exception today.

You appear more scarred than me

And seem to suffer from heart bleed.

I can see your bruised soul in your eyes

The blank look does not deceive me

And your silence cries out aloud

In the cacophony around

I am afraid you may drown

In the growing tide of despondence.

Sharing our pain will not lessen it at all

For the jagged pieces of broken heart

Are embedded too deep

To be washed away by tears

Nor words can erase the desolation

But it will forge a bond of kinship.

To be united in pain will make it easier

To wait for the ultimate release.

Thus, let’s sit together holding hands,

While the world goes merrily around.

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