For me love is just love
It needs no verbose embellishments
Nor any elaborate charade
Or rigamarole of wooing.
It is one heart talking to another
It needs no 52 piece orchestra
I wonder why people talk of
Butterflies, streams and flowers
And oceans, moon and stars
Why they go in raptures
Over something that is bound to happen sooner than later
But after the first flush of love
Life always is humdrum
Maybe you disagree with me
But I am not in love with love.

18 thoughts on “Elaborate

  1. Well, My Dear! I can understand your feelings in “I’m not in love with love”. I do believe they are honest, sincere and truthful, for you! But, I think in some ways it seems to be like someone who says they don’t like chocolate! When you ask if they have ever experienced the taste of chocolate and they say no, you can understand why their response is neutral to negative. Just me!

    So are all those that write and describe Love wrong in their depictions??

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    1. No, not at all! All I was conveying was I don’t over romanticise love. My first line was, ‘For me love is just love’. Perhaps I take love as a part of life and don’t consider it to be life. And as you rightly pointed out, these are my sentiments. Others may feel differently.
      Thanks for stopping by, Chuck and I am happy this piece gave me a chance to engage with you once again, though we may be on the extreme ends of love spectrum! 😉
      And just one more thing, I am very much in love. By the way I love chocolates too.😀

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      1. Ha! So happy to hear you are “In Love”! Loving Chocolate is just a bonus! I do agree with you on being over idealized about love! Ahh, I see your point about love as a part of life!! But there is a point to love being at the center of life – “Surviving is not living”? And the heart, lungs, brain are just organs but without them life is not really possible.

        You are too much fun! Thanks so much for responding and having a chance to chit-chat and banter – I love it!

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      2. Totally agree with you Chuck about love being the centre of life. But when the love of your life is your life partner and the union gives you fabulous kids, the focus shifts.
        Perhaps the place I am in right now, love is important but not the be all, end all. 😊
        Anytime you want to chit-chat, I am always around. 😀

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      3. Yes, would love to anytime. Just a word of caution – Having had my priority with my first Ex wife moved down to just below the laundry, I would caution having kids replace the priority your Beloved had before kids. Kids grow up and move away and it can be very difficult to rekindle that “In Love” status!

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      4. Thanks for cautioning me Chuck. Right now it is way above the laundry but once the kids are slightly older, love will be topmost priority, I promise. Heartfelt gratitude for your advice. Take care.


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