In my garden

For this prompt I have selected the poem Nature Trail by Benjamin Zephaniah.

The lines in italics are from the poem. As suggested by the prompt, the first line is actually the last line of the poem …

A garden of our own

Is what we have always wanted

And I believe we all deserve

To see what nature has flaunted.

You will never be alone

In this garden of mine

When you have a garden

Which is full of trees, shrubs and vine

And then there’s all that flowering

Pretty roses, lilies and more

There’s this constant search for food

By birds, squirrels and the mole

There’s always something happening

To keep one engaged

My garden is a lively place

The variety here will have you amazed.

A very wise old owl

Perches on the birch tree

And in my garden I have seen

A peacock roam carefree

And I’ve seen bats that growl

Rabbits who scamper along

My garden mice are very shy

But they come out to hear the birdsong.

Sometimes some dragonflies come humming

Hovering overhead

And when the night comes

They hide in the woodshed

And busy bees come buzzing

At the crack of dawn

Squirrels come to nick my nuts

Early in the morn.

This wild garden of mine

Is my joy and pride

And I’ve even seen a fox visit

In the dead of night.

But they always chose their time

Those who decided to come

Birds will visit, cats will visit

Whenever they are glum

As ladybirds fly by

In the dappled shade

There are worms turning the earth over

Gratis, in this wondrous glade

For their time to come to fly

Young birds chirp in their nests

There are caterpillars waiting

To turn into butterflies, all dressed.

All are on my nature trail

Be it the spider near the dogwood

And a family of woodlice

Under the rotting wood

And an easy-going snail

Spotted near lavender bush

There’s a baby daddy long legs

Hurrying away in a rush

Living underneath a log,

Is a three feet long snake

And a lot of creepy-crawlies

Who often make me quake

There’s a hedgehog and a frog

Just near the pond

At the bottom of my garden

Of which I am very fond.

#napowrimo #day18

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