I leave the exploration of this beautiful planet

To all the people with an itch to travel

I leave the exploration of human mind

To all the armchair psychoanalysts

All I am interested in is

To explore your enigmatic heart

I wish I knew what exactly is that your heart desires

For I have seen you going from passionate

To stone cold in a heartbeat

One minute you are generous and giving

And the very next moment cruel and hurtful.

When I am with you I feel like a yo-yo

Oscillating to your whims

I want to see what dark crevices hide untold secrets

That enrage and explode your heart so

Or is it timorous and craven fear

That rears its head to bully

I want to embrace those sunlit niches

Which suffuse you with cheer and warmth

I plan to flood every nook and cranny of your moody heart

With so much light and goodness

That it washes away all

Rancour, pain and belligerence

Just let me explore your heart.

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