My flight of fancy no one can hinder
Nor my imagination can be rent asunder.
For in my mind I am free as a bird
I soar and sing without a care of being heard.
In the real world with concerns I am beset
For I am in the grip of the fearful quartet.
The quartet of doubt, inhibitions, shyness and pusillanimity
Have always tried to push me into anonymity.
The fight to overcome them has been long drawn and bloody
I am waging a war within and not with somebody.
Till I vanquish and triumph over the quartet
My words are my escape and my only asset.


7 thoughts on “Quartet

  1. You’ve taught me a new word 😀
    And I actually started writing a poem about an internal fight between four sides. But then I found myself working too hard on it so deleted it. Which led me to write the poem I posted. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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