Life as it is

Shorn of love, romance and passion
Life is a tiresome journey after a fashion.
Fraught with obstacles, setbacks and roadblocks,
That would appear like insurmountable rocks.
Thus one needs the accoutrements of heart
When this odyssey of life starts.

If it were not for dreamy romance
To fill your heart with joy at a glance
The romance of sunrise, raindrops and moonlit nights
Of dappled lakes, verdant trees and garden sprites
It would be such a dull sojourn
Life without ardour is slow burn.

Without love it would be a hermetic existence
A life of solitary soulless subsistence
Love of family, friends and self
A love that will embrace and engulf
All encompassing love that consumes from within,
And illuminates, with just a touch, everything.

It would be an indifferent peregrination,
If the soul was not ignited by passion.
Passion for knowledge, thirst for the unknown,
Passion for the forbidden that one wants to own
Passion that drives to excel with all might
Passion that does not let one sleep at night.

Life, you surely would be a lonely trip
If one didn’t have romance, love and passion in one’s grip
It would be an exhausting lonesome trek
And turn one into an emotional wreck.
So set these as compass from birth to death
From the very first breath to the last breath.

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