Sibling Rivalry 2

The remark was not personal or caustic
And made in light jest,
But she turned around, smiled sweetly
And retorted in a tone so dulcet.
Had we been younger,
I would have cuffed her ear.
I am the elder one of the family
I don’t let her forget I have an edge over her
She will always have to follow my footsteps,
I can’t help if my persona looms large over her.
Our parents brought me into this world first
So whether she likes it not,
I’ve been given the upper hand from birth.
She mistakes my concern for interference
Fumes in anger, so palpable is her incoherence.
Heavens, why should I be jealous of her!
After all she is my baby sister!
Well, I admit she has better hair and skin than me
And has not inherited the beaked nose from father’s side
Also the fact is that I am saddled with
All the ailments from both sides.
So all I do is remind her of her good luck
And the fool thinks that I hate her guts!
I have to correct her when she goes wrong
After all, I have known her lifelong!
I don’t know why she takes offence
She should actually thank me instead.
Well, all said and done
She is my younger sibling
And we have to present united front.
Yes, I admit she has been luckier than me
Still, we are sisters, you see.

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