In this age of instant everything

From noodles to gratification

We seem to be following this fad blindly.

And now we are heavily into instant poetry writing.

Nothing wrong with it

For it gets the creativity flowing.

But in a rush to compose

In the shortest time possible

For instant likes and follows

One comes across poems with bad syntax

Grammatical mistakes

And to top it all

Spelling errors!

I read such poems and wonder

Should I point out their mistakes

And be shunned as a pariah

Or should I blindly like them

Like the rest?


20 thoughts on “Wonder

    1. That is so sweet Matt. But I wouldn’t dare to correct anyone for on this forum I am just a poet and not a teacher!
      And haven’t come across any! πŸ˜€

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  1. Ohh.. the word ‘wonder’ was so creatively used… awesome post…
    Yes yes.. sure.. that is very much welcome… I know I am not at all perfect in my language use or.. say.. grammar or spellings… I can very well understand how you feel as I also go through this feeling when I come across so many improper usage of language… But I asked myself that how many posts am I going to correct.. and meanwhile in that process i will loose my own writing spree, and the owners of the posts will loose their spontaneity… As that will hamper the main purpose of this platform.. ie.. to express our feelings freely… We may gradually withdraw into our own conscious cocoon.. so, I conditioned my eyes over those flaws & focussed on the reader’s thought process… now I also find myself comfortable here without bothering much about my flaws justifying myself that to err is to humane… Sorry if I have hurt anybody here.. I think this will pacify your inconvenience here…

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    1. Totally agree with you. But I was a teacher once and she keeps rearing her head every now and then.
      Much appreciate your comment. ☺️

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