No More Tears

The start of life is soaked with tears,

Tears of pride in the father’s eyes,

Tears of pain and joy in the mother’s eyes.

The baby bawls its heart out,

The relatives’ eyes well up with relief.

And so the journey begins.

Punctuated with tears every now and then.

Happiness and heartbreak go hand in hand

Bringing forth wet smiles or copious tears.

And so sallies ahead life, full steam

Interspersed with teary eyes.

There are more occasions of happy tears

A few devastating moments too.

But it is finally time to say, no more tears.

People will come and people will go.

Life will occasionally throw a curve ball.

Irreparable losses will occur,

And so will heartswelling joys.

When you took pleasure in joys that came your way,

Don’t question the sorrows that find their way to you.

The trick is to accept all with equanimity,

Secure in the knowledge that this too will pass.

If happiness could not reside permanently,

Nor will sadness remain forever.

So let life take you on a roller coaster ride.

Laugh hard and let there be no regrets.

For tears often cloud clarity.

15 thoughts on “No More Tears

  1. Moving words…gracefully articulated…the bitter and the sweet taken with equanimity …the theme of Ugadi (new year in Karnataka, Andhra) with bevu (Neem) – bella (jaggery)


  2. Very beautifully written Punam. Tough to accept with equanimity esp when it has to do with our children. But like you say, time invariably is a healer.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yet another classic piece! So, beautiful and wonderfully wise!! It is not always easy to let go and have no regrets, but time does teach and heal us, doesn’t it?

    Ok,you hooked me!! I’m following you now!!!!


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