Enough of your giving lectures

Your haranguing and chastising.

All you do from morn till night

Is sanctimonious sermonising.

I am my own person, please understand

I need no rebuking and guiding.

Specially from a person who knows

Nothing better than always chiding.

Let me navigate my way through life

Without your self- important expounding.

I have to find my own ground

Away from all the lambasting.

There are other ways to bring up a child

Than always scolding and berating.

Perhaps you could try something other than

Constantly complaining and upbraiding.

I had promised myself one month of impromptu poem writing based on the daily prompt provided {sounds like an oxymoron 😉 } just to test my own poetic skills. 

 What has been the most gratifying part of this exercise is the love and support I received from the wordpress community. I am totally overwhelmed. I am not active on any other social media platforms and apart from my school/college friends no one knows that I write poems. I did not share the link to my blog with these friends throughout the month except on two occasions.

So even one new visitor per evening or to have five followers at the end of the month is heartwarming as well as encouraging.

Heartfelt thanks to all of you and please do continue to lend your support in future too. Your love has encouraged me to continue writing in response to the daily prompt as long as creativity lasts.


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