She sat ramrod still, aware of everyone present.

Her heart beat with a thundering tattoo.

An icy finger traced her spine 

As she waited tremulously for her cue.

She wiped her sweaty palms along her thighs

And hit the first note rather clumsily.

She pulled herself and concentrated

Soon enough her fingers moved busily.

Like swallows they rose and glided,

Landing on the keys with feather like touch.

Adiago to allegro, trills and tremolos

Only music mattered she knew this much.
Oblivious of the audience she played for self

And when she did so, her music soared.

As she played skillfully the music reached crescendo

The audience clapped and praise poured.
She rose unsteadily to accept accolades

It was a virtuoso performance she knew herself.

The ghost of past debacle put to rest

Finally she had proven self.


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