It’s that time of the year,

When you let bygones be and forgive.

But before I seek forgiveness from all,

I’ve to learn to myself forgive.

I have to master the art of forgiveness,

Before I grandiosely plan to forgive others.

So embarking on self-discovery is necessary,

Before I point fingers at others.

I forgive myself for being an ignoramus
But pretending otherwise.

And for tilting at imaginary windmills,

When I should have been wise.

I forgive myself for judging everyone,

For jumping to quick conclusions,

For at times playing the blame game,

And meaningless discussions.

I forgive myself for thinking I am always right,

As well as for trying to make others accept my point of view.

I also seek forgiveness for judging self too harshly

And for often biting more than I can chew.

I forgive myself for being stingy with compliments,

And for trespasses committed unknowingly,

For being tartly condescending,

Of those who are different from me.

I forgive myself for being at times

Arrogant, vain, smug and dismissive

As well as for occasional bouts of gluttony,

For being lazy and sometimes overtly submissive.

And as I enumerate all the reasons,

I should forgive myself for follies of mine,

I realise forgiving others is easy

To forgive self one has to be divine.

So, I leave the task of forgiving me

To all the people I know,

But since it’s Christmas time

I forgive all friends and foes.


16 thoughts on “Forgiving

    1. Punam
      Well written as always. But RF, as she pointed out; ‘To forgive self, one has to be divine’
      It’s very difficult to forgive self.


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