Answers Within

I devour self-help books,

I attend self-improvement workshops.

Vipassana, meditation, yoga… I’m doing it all.

I follow my spiritual guru religiously

I say my prayers regularly,

I perform all rituals unfailingly.

I have taken to planting trees,

As well as to feeding birds and ants.

I give freely to roadside beggars,

I donate to charity whenever I can.

And yet the restlessness, the hollowness and

The emptiness refuse to go.

It is a huge void sucking my soul from within.

I look frenetically outwards to heal my scarred heart,

And in between the breaks I take,

I realise I am chasing a chimera.

I have to look within,

Confront myself, question myself,

Resolve personal issues,

Patch up my broken relations,

Accept that I am flawed,

Slay the past dragons,

Get rid of my complexes

And share it with anyone willing to lend a patient ear.

The answers I seek in the outside world,

Are all within me.

All I need is courage to face and accept them.


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