No Regrets

The world thinks I am past my prime,

I know I am not there yet.

My joints have started to groan and creak,

I am sure there’s some juice left.

I may not be as thin and slim as I was

But I am surely not fat, you bet!

My memory has started to play hide and seek,

But I will never good memories forget.

The house in the hills/on the beach may be a distant dream,

Someday, there I will surely get.

Some dreams lay shattered as I moved ahead,

I refuse to mope or fret.

There have been some losses and many setbacks,

They have strengthened my mindset.

I may not be successful by the world’s standards,

I am where my life is set.

I have people who care for me,

So what if I don’t belong to the jet set.

I may not be able to afford well-known brands,

For me there is always pret.

My spouse may not eat burnt toast gracefully,

But can’t bear to see my eyes wet.

My children may not be model kids,

But for me they are perfect.

My life may have many imperfections,

But honestly, I have no regrets.

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