To Men in our Lives

(​For my classmates on the occasion of men’s day)

What would our lives be 

If there were no men?

Would living be as much fun

If there were only women?

So here’s to the man of macho walk

And to the one of smooth talk

To the one with the studious bent

And to the one who’s a perfect gent

The one who loves to jest

As well as the one who is the best

To the one who is an  eternal romeo

And the one who was always the hero

The one who was full of swagger

And the one a known bragger

To the one with a helping hand

And the one with the musical band

To the one with a mellifluous voice

And the one full of poise

The one who had a way with words

And the one who knew all about bees and birds

The one who would set tracks on fire

And the one who would never tire

The one known as the gentle soul

And the one who could juggle any role

To the one who danced effortlessly

And the one who talked ceaselessly

The one who was the quietest of the lot

And the one who cared not a jot

I could go on and on

But the idea is to tell you all

However and whatever you maybe,

Our lives are full because of you all.

Women may be from venus and men from mars,

There can be no friendship better than ours.


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