To Father

A eulogy for Fr. John Moore, founder principal of our school and a much respected and beloved soul on his birth centenary on 5th Aug.

The most abiding memory of school time,

Is the one with Father Moore in his habit,

Surrounded by a gaggle of five year olds

Vying to hold his hand

For a walk during the recess.

A white man, in a white robe

With white curls creating a halo,

Twinkling blue eyes and a beatific smile,

He was every child’s angel.

Sitting in his office in shirt sleeves

Smoking his pipe

And gently reprimanding miscreants,

He was truly indeed a father figure.

By the time we were grown up enough

To really interact with him

He had moved on.

Leaving behind innumerable heartwarming anecdotes

Of how he touched and changed many a lives.

If his spirit is looking down at us

It would surely be delighted to see

His ideals, his principles and his beliefs

Embodied by so many Xaverians.

As for me,

One of my most cherished possession forever will be,

My report card with his handwritten personal remark.


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