Dear Friends

Once a year it’s time

To show gratitude to all friends

So a big thank you goes out…

To the one who unfailingly wishes good mornings,

The one who posts ominous warnings,

The one who posts inspirational quotes,

The one who never forgets to share jokes,

The one who posts thoughtful gems occasionally,

The one who encourages all enthusiastically,

The one who posts obsessively and compulsively,

The one who remembers to post only sporadically,

The one who prefers to be just quiet,

The one who is such a zany laugh riot,

The one who advances and then retreats,

The one who occasionally drops in to greet,

The one who is always there to applaud,

The one who always posts about god,

The one whose amazing wit shines and sparkles,

The one whose continued silence rankles,

The one who offers an honest critique,

The one who is always painstakingly discreet,

The one who is there throughout the year,

The one who quietly, without fanfare likes to disappear,

The one who is still up at night posting,

The one who gets angry at ceaseless posting,

The one who is always brimming with love,

The one who is angry with the one above,

The one who often stentoriously censures,

The one whose posts need some inbuilt censors,

The one who thoughtfully curates meaningful posts,

The one who spreads joy through musical notes,

The one whose passion for nature is worth emulating,

The one whose photography is breathtaking,

The one who tickles with his/her view of the world,

The one who fills me with awe with his/ her words,

The one who is a veritable mine of knowledge

The one whose talent must be acknowledged,

The one whose life revolves only around love,

The one who is philosophical about not finding love,

The one who I might have forgotten to mention,

The one who might defy all definition,

The one who is like a mirror and shows all my warts

And the one like my shadow, who never thwarts,

Each one of you is unique and so special

No wonder you make my life extra special.

Thank you.


20 thoughts on “Dear Friends

  1. A comprehensive list of ‘those’ who have touched you in some way. Thanks for including me in the list, somewhere between the first and last lines πŸ™‚

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      1. That’s the great thing about this forum, we never know how we touch people’s lives simply by sharing our thoughts. I am grateful for your presence, too. Here’s to many more blog days to come πŸ™‚

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  2. Yup! I came by from the link and love this one!! It is an exact description of the WP community – and I enjoy almost all of it! hehehe! I’d add: The ones that need coffee to be coherent/ And those with that can’t help being interferant! hehe! I love them all!

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