My Daughter is Growing Up

I see her surreptitiously glancing at herself in the mirror,

Fussing over her clothes like never before.

Fretting at every fresh breakout of acne

Combing her hair over and more.

Her chats on phone are increasingly unending,

Her baths continue, till I am ready to break the door.

From cartoons she has transitioned to rom-com movies,

Her taste in music is what every mother abhors.

She is moody and uncommunicative,

Her sighs and moans are hard to ignore.

She sits alone, smiling dreamily

Studies have become an avoidable chore.

Goes moony- eyed watching her favourite actor

Her father is her hero no more.

Her mom is frumpy, not keeping up with times,

Her brother a pain, family get-togethers such a bore.

My only fear is she is too young to fall in love.

What if she gets entangled in the web of lovelore

Will I be a bystander, watching her heartbreak?

Should I not forbid her to stay away from amour?

As I watch my sweet, quiet child metamorphosis,

I think of the bygone time of yore

When I too transformed from a child to teenager

And wonder if I too made my mom’s heart sore!

I know it will pass and my personable child will be back

Till then, I must seal my lips and not deplore

For teenage comes once in a lifetime

I have to allow her space to self explore.

30 thoughts on “My Daughter is Growing Up

  1. Excellent Punam. Seems like you are writing on my behalf.
    So well expressed. I am sure we were the same and our mother’s felt the same too.


  2. Perfectly penned, my friend. We were once growing teenagers and our having gone through it, no doubt, makes us better equipped to deal with it when children are going through the same.

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      1. Sleeplessness comes from worry which comes from deep and profound love… a lucky daughter., for sure. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Such a beautiful phase Lil ones morphing into young adults ……. although it’s every parent’s nightmare yet the beauty of it can not be ignored

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I really wish, I knew! And sometimes I want to turn back the clock! Daughters are indeed very special. Thank you so much for taking out the time and your wonderful compliments. ❤️❤️


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