The edifice of love

The alabaster white marble

Is now yellowing.

The industrial belt around

Is forever polluting.

The ancient edifice

Gradually crumbling.

The serpentine queues of visitors

Continually increasing.

They come, they see and go back

But can’t stop littering.

On a full moon night

It has lovers flocking.

The monument of eternal love

Still remains imposing!

Photo by Vishnudeep Dixit from Pexels.

12 thoughts on “The edifice of love

      1. Jude, to tell you honestly, it used to be extremely crowded in pre-covid days, with long hours of waiting. But it was not so earlier.

        The monument is breathtakingly beautiful and left me in hushed awe. The detailed workmanship is amazing . If one can tune out the milling crowds, it is a worthwhile visit.


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