Defying Death

As I draw one laboured breath after another hereafter,
I want to give up, my heart no longer into breathing any more!
Then as the irony hits, I double up with silent laughter!
Its my heart, you see, which has stopped doing its chore!

I had filled my life with friends and family,
Love and laughter, the sunshine of my life.
My entire being a testimony of bonhomie
But unbeknown, dark clouds were rife.
Illness comes unbidden and catches unaware,
I was down the abyss before I knew.
Struggling to survive each day is a nightmare,
I would rather lay supine and give the devil his due.
But loving faces exhort me to give my best shot,
To not give in but come back from the brink,
I wish it were so easy, but its not.
If only to the lees, life I could drink!
So I labour along breath after breath,
For life at times is all about not giving up.
I try hard to live, defying death
And hope fervently that my time is not up.

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