A Ditty on Turning Fifty

Turning thirty was no big deal
Cos it had that maturity feel.
I had thought I would become dotty
When I eventually turned forty!
Thankfully no such thing happened
And the decade sailed by in a second.
For kids, spouse, career and such things
Kept me on toes, like a puppet on strings!
But oh! Turning five O was most dreaded
And being classified as a dodo aged!

Now I realise, I am actually at the best point of life
I am now me, and not just a mother or a wife.
I am glad my eyesight is gradually waning,
And I can pretend, weight I am not gaining!
For what you can’t see is not there,
Be it a wrinkle, a few kilos or grey hair!
No more frenzy to pack my days to gills
Not everyday has to provide the thrills.

I am done with keeping up with the Joneses
I will allow my tongue to slip
I will now and then indulge in excuses,
And tell the world to…(blip, blip!)
I am liberated, I am free,
I can shout out with glee!
No more conforming to the norms
No more only dads and moms!

Its time to reclaim ME
And be what I want to be.
Its never too late in life to start
Be someone and not just a part.
If the “Khans” can rule the roost at the age of fifty,
Its definitely a boost because I too am FIFTY!!

4 thoughts on “A Ditty on Turning Fifty

  1. Hahahaha.. I am in love with this dodo too. So we’ll written with the emotions and feelings. I am not a poetry girl as I really don’t know how to write.. But this poem of yours yearns to write poem..

    Liked by 1 person

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