“Don’t lie,” is parents’ favourite refrain,
Yet they themselves lie all the time.
Lies at the time of school admission,
Lies for leave of absence
Lies and lies and so on it continues.
The torch of small harmless lies,
White lies, egregious lies and all kinds of lies,
Passed from one generation to the other.

We lie to cover our blunders,
Lie to conceal our weaknesses,
Lies to avoid hurting the other,
Lies to cheat on others
And the endless circle of lies goes on.

At times it is a well- rehearsed charade
At others a spontaneous facade
We lie fearlessly as well as with impunity
We also lie after dying a thousand deaths.
At times a lie is our sole life line
At others it slips out without a conscious thought.

Just think what would happen if you stop lying!
Hearts broken, dreams shattered,
Harsh words exchanged and relationships ended.
So don’t ever judge a liar harshly
Lies are the sugar coating
of bitter truth.
If a lie is uttered without malicious intent
A liar is better than an honest man.

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