Mirrors and Shadows

Some friendships transcend time,
Some are forever bound by time
With some you click in no time
With others you need warm up time.

There are some you had connected with in childhood
And others as grown ups in all likelihood
Some have always been there…in the background
Some you choose as you move around.

Some are your gym buddies
Others the indispensable office buddies
You meet some in a cafe over a cup of coffee,
While others at home with homemade goodies.

Some friends have to share each little detail,
Others inform you of things in broader strokes.
Some have such a lot to say
Others are the listening folks.

Some prefer an evening of sun-downers
Others, a quick peck and are gone
With some time hangs heavy on hands
Whereas with others you wonder where it has gone.

Some take sabbatical, just like that
Others inform you of their non availability
Some meet in fits and bursts
Others are there for eternity.

Much has been written about the 4 am friend
I doubt one would need to talk at such an unearthly hour.
You need friends to share your joys
Though you do need a shoulder, to cry on at any hour.

But the one who bares his/her soul to you
And listens to your woes without offering quick fixes
The one whose name brings a smile to your face
Is the one you should look out for in the mixes.

Cos this is the one closest to your heart
Your mirror and your shadow who will never part.

5 thoughts on “Mirrors and Shadows

  1. I love the mirror and shadow at the end.. Reminding us that we should be our own friend. So often we are nicer to others than to ourselves!

    This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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