If Only

If only it was easier done than said
If only living were appreciated rather than dead
If only one could understand what’s left unsaid
If only for once you were me instead
Perhaps life would have some meaning to it.

If only you understood what I meant
If only harsh words were left unspent
If only scoring points was not the aim
If only life was just a game
Perhaps losing and winning would not have mattered.

If only todays were lived to the fullest
If only yesterdays had no regrets
If only tomorrows could be perfect
If only we would stop and reflect
Perhaps this world would be a happier place.

If only compassion was not the sign of the weak
If only we would listen before we speak
If only we sometimes refrained from acquiesce
If only silence was not misconstrued as cowardice
Perhaps accepting our flaws would make us humane again.

If only life was easy and simple
If only  our life could be an example
If only conflict could amicably be resolved
If only all our problems could be solved
Perhaps then life would be so boring.

So let there be a wee bit of vitriol
For we can’t please one and all
But let there be level playing ground
And never stoop to conquer the crowd
For we have only one life to live.

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