The Photo

I wonder if he was talking about me?
But he said he is not in touch with me!
Aren’t we connected through whatsapp now?
Of course we haven’t exchanged a word uptil now!
Does he really have my photo?
Have I changed so much that I look incognito?
Of course I am no longer as slim!
I am sure he too is not as trim!
If only he had put a DP
Placing him would have been easy.
I often wonder what would have happened
If a few words were spoken.
But why rake up all this now!
Wouldn’t it create such a row!
To create a stir at this age
With my child on the verge of marriage
What if someone guesses its me?
I am sure I’ll die of ignominy!
If my family comes to know of it
I tell you, I’ve really had it.

But actually it accelerates my heart beat a bit
Did he really mean it, when he said it.
I mean, he must have cared then
To mention it and put it in pen.
I feel my heart pounding like a teenager
Oh! if only we were teenagers!
I know it will be foolhardy to pursue this
Tomorrow I ‘ll think no more of this
But today let me wrap myself tight
In this feeling of love, alright.

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