The Photo Album

I was in a rush yesterday

Health insurance premium had to be paid,

Hunting for misplaced papers,
The cupboard I did raid.

And out fell this album

To totally disrupt my day.

Yesterday I put it away,

But I am going through it today.

It is full of bittersweet memories

Of the time we fondly call childhood.

How young we were then.

I recall how clueless about guiles of adulthood.

We had slung our arms around each others’ shoulders
Squinting in the sun, grinning at each other

Best friends then, now occasional acquaintance

Our plans waylaid by life and none other.

I smile as l look at this one taken long ago

My then best friend with my number one enemy!

In this picture I have such thick growth of hair
I wonder why I am losing it now so rapidly.

This one is an absolute gem,

My favourite teacher and I in the same frame.
Oh! this is the farewell one

We all look so grown up before we set forth to attain fame.

And this is of the memorable historical trip

I wonder where that girl in the corner is.

Now comes the picnic photo

I can’t recall the date and place this is

But the revelry is still etched in my mind.

And the fun fills my heart after all these years.

As I shut the album with a smile on my face

Out slips a photo which I can’t recall I ever took.

I sit down on the bed, memories flooding my mind.

I am not in this frame, why then do I have it with me?

I stare and stare, casting back my mind

Gosh! Did I have a crush then?
I can’t seem to recall feeling this way
Was the feeling mutual or was it just silly old me?

Did I make a fool of myself in any way?

Haven’t been in touch since we left school

I do not know the whereabouts,

Nor the profession this person undertook

However hard I try

I cannot recall ever exchanging a word!

And the whole day I have been puzzling

How come I have this photo?

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