Books speak to us.
Have you noticed, how they entice?
Its the jacket that first snags your attention
Then the blurb has you rooted to the spot.
And as you reverentially open it
The sweet smell has you in its thrall!!

You must absolutely have it
you decide
As you hurry out of the store
The brown paper bag clutched to your chest
You know an exciting
journey is to begin
And till then you just cannot rest.

As you make yourself comfortable at your favourite spot
A frisson of excitement runs down your spine.
You take the first tentative step
Its as intoxicating as the first sip of wine
The words weave their magic
You are transported to a new world.

The joy and the ecstasy,
The pain and the sorrow,
The adventure and the discovery,
The intrigue  and the mystery.
As you swim with the characters
And fight their demons
You become the main character
Surmounting all odds.

After the final denouement,
As you put down the book
You are exhausted as well as
For this amazing ride that you took.

Then after a while the restlessness begins
You are itching for another one
For this thirst is unquenchable
You must have at least another one.
On and on continues this affair,
With books everyone must have a love affair.

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