House Loyalty

( This poem is about the four houses we had in school)

Which colour do you choose?
Had we be given a choice
The same house we would choose!
For loyalty to the house runs
as deep as our roots
And players or cheerleaders
We were all in it together.

How we cheered for our teams!
And shed tears at shattered dreams!
Those memorable days of glory past
The memories of which still last.
Matches, races, jumps and heats
When academics took a back seat
And backbenchers took the podium
That heady feeling was more potent than opium.

That surge of pride that swelled our chest
When we marched as the house that was best
That inexplicable lump in the throat
When champions on teammates shoulders rode.
Whether one played any sport or not
None stayed untouched,the fervour everyone caught.

Sportsday made so many heroes
And they won’t be heroes if cheerleaders were not there
Sports was a religion for many then
They wouldn’t be on pedestal if the clapping multitude were not there.

Which house won how many times
Let this question no debate beget
House loyalty bound us all together
This lesson we should never forget.


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