Guilty Till Proven Innocent


I admit, I am guilty.

Guilty of keeping quiet

When I should have spoken.

Guilty of raising my voice

When  others remained quiet.

Guilty of allowing my feelings

To get the better of me.

Guilty of standing out

When I could have merged.

Guilty of being honest

When honesty was question-marked.


Guilty I am, your honour,

Of being true to myself.

If that makes me criminal

Then criminal, I am.

I am me and can’t be you

That is the eternal truth

And however much anyone tries

It just refuses to be altered.


Oh Boys!!

Chittering and chattering

Gibbering and jabbering 🐒

On and on and on and on

Went on the boys yester night 🌚

Commenting, provoking, insinuating 😈

Pulling everyone in their fight.

Revealing secrets and known fact

They kept all entertained with their act.🏃

A ‘lion’ who hid under the bed,

Who lied about his cooking prowess 🍲

Discussing wife and the wife giving tree 🙎🌳

Sparing none continued the three 3⃣

Invoking my name again and again

While I was not interested in this game 🎭

Causing utter and chaotic confusion

They went on with this inane conversation

Press delete for all their he-he ho-hum 🚮

But the ‘mystery couple’ 👫 remains a conundrum.

The Red Bus

As the memories tumbled out of the yellow bus

Am reminded of my dear old red bus.

Oldest of the fleet and snub nosed

I was last to get down and first to board.

Picnics, saturday movies

football matches trips

We all took rides on these buses to various gigs.

Fights for window seats and stolen glances

Romance on the back seats and some unwanted advances

And Fr. Keogh sometimes driving the blue bus

Oh! how I miss those special friends of my bus.

So many memories from those years past.

If only they would forever last.


Love is a four lettered word

So say quite many.

Loaded to the hilt

with meanings untold.

Overflowing with emotions

that few can control.

Venerated by all

scorned at times too.

Enticing everyone

at some stage or other.

Many hued and splendorous,

Heart breaking and yet

Lasting a lifetime.

Unrequited or reciprocated

Touching many a lives.

Adding the much needed zing

To oh-so boring life.

Celebrate the love of your life

Whether husband or wife

Sibling or offspring

Friend or neighbour

Or someone you secretly admire.

For to be touched by love

Is to be truly alive.

Wishing you all a life full of love.


कट्टी बट्टी खेली बहुत हमने

कहा सुनी भी काफी हुई

खेल बहुतेरे खेले हमने

लड़ाइयाँ भी कम न हुई

बचपन की खट्टी मीठी यादों में

है  खुश्बू दोस्ती की समाई।


जीवन की राह पर चल पड़े सब

अपनी धुन में अपने लक्ष्य की ओर

छूटे साथी पता न चला कब

बँध गई जीवन साथी संग डोर।


दाल रोटी, मकान, बच्चे, माँ- बाप

चहुँ ओर जिम्मेदारियाँ, और एक अकेले आप।

जब मिली फुरसत, याद आई  वो गलियाँ

वह संगी साथी, वह रंग रलियाँ।


जुड़े  फिर से वो ताने बाने

गुनगुनाये फिर वह गीत पुराने

खिलखिलाये फिर दोहरा कर बचपन

सच दोस्तों से बढ़ कर न कोई परिजन।


उम्र  भूल आज बन बैठे फिर बच्चे हम

वही हास- परिहास, वही मनुहार

कट्टी बट्टी खेलें आज भी हम

गर गुज़रे किसी की बात नागवार

चुप्पी साध बैठ लेते हैं

जैसे सुनी ही न हो गुहार।


जीवन के इस मोड़ पर छोड़ो शिकवे गिले

आज जो फिर से जो बरसों बिछड़े मिले

इस पल को  मिल मिल कर, बार बार जियो

दोस्तों के नाम दोस्तों, दोस्ती का प्याला पियो।।

The Old Connect

When we left school

We never turned back

Eager for what future had in store.

Some scaled great heights

Some just scraped by

But all continued

With barely a backward glance.


We had milestones to reach

And miles to walk

So we all marched on in a hurry

With some we still had contacts

With others a passing hi

But at that time it did not matter.

What mattered was  the life ahead.


Now a pattern established

Kids ready to fly the coop

We clutched at the straws offered

To go back and visit

The memories we had,

And remove cobwebs,

To renew old tied anew.


How happy we were to discover old mates,

Never mind that in school

Never a word was exchanged.

It was enough that we were once in the same school.


We gush and exclaim

We laugh and praise

Happy to be connected

Forgetting that with whom we engage

Did not exist for us then.

That we hardly exchanged a hello

Or that there was a sector divide

Or that he was brilliant and she a failure

What matters is now and how!


But have you ever thought, its easy to connect

When you  edge in a word or sentence sideways

When everyone speaks a multitude of tongues

It is so easy to be a part of the game.


But what if when we finally meet

And have nothing to say beyond a hi, hello?

What if old prejudices

Raise their head

And show us as hollow?

What if when we meet

This connect that we feel

Is missing from the word go?

What if I call and no one comes

Will I be able to bear that sorrow?

Not Fair



The first poem I posted

Was written long ago

The purpose was to reconnect

And it rightly did so.

A flurry of reminiscences followed

Connecting all in one go.


But one fallout was that

It awakened the poetess in me

Now I keep posting all that I churn

Be that as it may be.

By the dint of being most prolific

Am certainly not the best one

So why does everyone ask me to lookout

Whenever there is another one?


This is not just my forum

I write because I know no better

If others write better than me

Why should I be all aflutter?


So many keep their passion private

My passion is on display

Please don’t disparage the group’s talent

By comparing the wordplay.





The words hit hard

The onslaught goes on

Harsh words are bandied around

Name calling abounds.


You are struck dumb

So much vehemence

Hatred and vitriol!

You recoil instinctively.

Is this the real world

You had been warned about?


Where friends behave like enemies

When your silence becomes soft target

And you are hounded, for being you.


As you face the barrage

You become numb.

Numb with fear, numb with loss

And numb with sadness for the innocence lost.

Hate Monger

You spew venom,  you rave and rant

Pointing fingers at everyone,

You find fault at every step.

You call names and deride each one

Anyone who disagrees with you

Is against you, you doubt everyone.


Your vision is all black and white

You tar everyone with same brush

Your trust has taken a beating

You condemn everyone in a rush

Right and wrong has no meaning

Your beliefs turn you to mush.


I wonder why so much angst?

Why this urge to always prove others wrong?

Why this sense of alienation?

Why you chant this devisive song?

Why others  can’t have their thoughts

Why should they always tag along?


Were you ever ridiculed for your beliefs

Do you think others are responsible for your grief

Why can’t you accept others for what they are

Calling them traitors you go so far.


Why should they conform to every definition you have?

Drop all your baggage free your soul

They are not your enemies but fellow  citizens,

They too play an important role.

Though  you stand on opposite shores

Peace should be the only goal.


Lighten your soul and embrace multiplicity

You will see this world as it is meant to be.


When the sun meets the horizon

And the breeze is warm,

The ochre hue splashed across,

Warns of an unsettled calm.

The glassy sea hides in its womb

Seeds of calamity and harm.


The cacophony of the birds above

Indicates a restlessness

The eye cannot perceive

Nature chafing at its harness

The innards start rolling

But the surface reflects calmness.


Suddenly it loses all control

Wave after wave and another

The sea’s fury is eventually


It is partial to none as it rumbles louder

Relentless in its pursuit of prey

To avenge wrongs wrought forever.


On and on it crashed and shattered

The wounds inflicted unabated

Humanity stood battered

Shorn of all it possessed

Beaten and thoroughly defeated

Faith irredeemably tattered.


The predator was now preyed upon

In the justice of order

Men stood bereft of all possession

Clutching each other

The sea returned unrepentant

Finally it had restored order.